Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Next Hockey Date: November 21 at 9AM at Ave F

Alright folks ... we had a great turnout in October and we are only looking for you lazy bums to haul your butts out to skate about once every four to six weeks so no excuses. And to those of you who missed the skate last time, you missed a lot of fun - the weather was crisp and the companionship was great. Kevin Ryan (ex-FDNY) and Ronnie Lopez (ex-Sawchuk winner) in goal - how could we go wrong? Lopez even pulled out one of his patented laying-on-his-back-and-leg-in-the-air saves. Ho cool is that?

So, with the exception of Alfred Guerrero and Mike Kenna who can't make it on Sundays, and Charlie Gili who is away at his daughter's tournament, I expect to see more of you old timers at Ave F at 9 on November 21 (the Sunday BEFORE Thanksgiving, so you won't be slowed by the turkey gut)...Hell, even Josh Seff is making a special trip from Texas just to play! Don't dissapoint him and me. Webster? Ryan? Pierce? Drudy? Savino? Competiello? Gruder? Spinner? Gelling? Brier? Placido? Maloney? All the rest? Come on guys, we need you out there. Life is short - and getting shorter every day. Hope to see you there.

Let Ron or me know if you are coming...


Friday, October 1, 2010


Alright you pansies....time to WD-40 your Kryptos and sand off the splinters from your old Northland and head to Avenue F on Sunday at 9 -- and if you can't skate anymore, head to Ronnie's house (399 East 4th) around noon or so for our at least once a year reunion. Charlie Gili promised to make sure the court is unlocked for us, and wished us well (he won't be there).

Some guys have been added to the attendance and some dropped out but all in all we should have enough to skate two teams without collapsing.

As far as I know the following will skate:

Ron Lopez (G)
Pete Liria
Larry Freid
Pete Savino
Pete Competiello
Kevin Ryan (G)
Mike Biagione
Dennis Maloney
Jerry Spinner - and he'll bring 3 or 4 friends
Christian Barbariantz
Gordon Anthony
Artie Scalo

Tim & Bob Slezarchik - No for hockey, yes for afterparty
Mike Kenna - - No for hockey, maybe for afterparty

A few guys responded they cannot make it (Pat Desimone, Paul McNally, Glenn Gruder, Neil & Eddie O'Callaghan, Charlie Gili, Josh Seff and Mike Kenna) a TON of guys just never responded so it is anyone's guess who else may show. Don't be a wuss - show up, even if it is just to hang out....an spread the word.

Pete Liria & Ron Lopez

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've heard from a few more guys but a bunch of you lame excuses for hockey players have yet to respond. Where are you Don & Mike Kenna, Mickey Pierce, Steve Placido, Robert DelGaudio, Glenn Gruder (I still love you Telly), Neil O'Callaghan, Jimmy Webster, Andrew Canepa, Jim Spinner and Jim Brier, Tom & Bob Brennan, Dennis and Jim Maloney, Siz, Gordon, Jimbo, Randy Reis, Mike Cartolano and on and on?

Updated attendance:
Ron Lopez - yes
Pete Liria - Yes
Larry Freid - plans to be there (and he passed the info on to a few others)
Pete Savino - as of now yes
Pete Competiello - Yes
Kevin Ryan - yes
Mike Biagione - Yes
Jerry Spinner - Yes and he'll bring 3 or 4 friends
Christian Barbariantz - Yes
Pat Desimone - willing to make the trip from Florida if enough guys commit
Nunzio Competiello - No for hockey, yes for afterparty
Iim & Bob Slezarchik - No for hockey, yes for afterparty
Paul McNally - No
Josh Seff - No (lives in Texas)
Charlie Gili - Unlikely (daughter has tournament)
Eddie O'Callaghan - No

LET ME KNOW ONE WAY OR ANOTHER IF YOU PLAN TO COME SKATE or just to hang out after....October 3 is only a couple of weeks away. email mopar195@yahoo.com OR pliria@hvc.rr.com.


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Folks -

It looks like for a variety of reasons (including an Inky Memorial Softball Game to take place on Saturday October 2nd) we need to push the Avenue F reunion hockey game and reception to follow at Ronnie's house to SUNDAY OCTOBER 3rd starting at 9AM at the Ave F hockey court. No excuses....you've had plenty of time to prepare and last year's October game was well attended - let's see if we can do it again. Let us know if you plan to attend - mopar195@yahoo.com or pliria@hvc.rr.com ... Looking forward to seeing a lot of the guys who played at Avenue F in the early to mid 70's. More reminders to follow....Pete & Ron

Monday, August 23, 2010

Next Old Timers Game (10/2) 9 am @ Avenue F

Ok, so the next old time reunion and afterwards gathering will be on October 2nd 2010 at 9 am at Avenue F and then after the game at my house. Stay tuned for for info.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunday May 2nd 9 am Avenue F

Sunday May 2nd 9 am Avenue F is old man hockey. Bring your old self, your enlarged prostate, your drooping man breasts. Yes, it's time for old time hockey!