Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Next Hockey Date: November 21 at 9AM at Ave F

Alright folks ... we had a great turnout in October and we are only looking for you lazy bums to haul your butts out to skate about once every four to six weeks so no excuses. And to those of you who missed the skate last time, you missed a lot of fun - the weather was crisp and the companionship was great. Kevin Ryan (ex-FDNY) and Ronnie Lopez (ex-Sawchuk winner) in goal - how could we go wrong? Lopez even pulled out one of his patented laying-on-his-back-and-leg-in-the-air saves. Ho cool is that?

So, with the exception of Alfred Guerrero and Mike Kenna who can't make it on Sundays, and Charlie Gili who is away at his daughter's tournament, I expect to see more of you old timers at Ave F at 9 on November 21 (the Sunday BEFORE Thanksgiving, so you won't be slowed by the turkey gut)...Hell, even Josh Seff is making a special trip from Texas just to play! Don't dissapoint him and me. Webster? Ryan? Pierce? Drudy? Savino? Competiello? Gruder? Spinner? Gelling? Brier? Placido? Maloney? All the rest? Come on guys, we need you out there. Life is short - and getting shorter every day. Hope to see you there.

Let Ron or me know if you are coming...



  1. How about another skate BEFORE the Spring is done? How about Saturday April 23rd?

  2. I can come and hang out but I am not skating these days, long story. I will see if I can talk my 18 year old son into playing. He needs a little dose of Brooklyn.

    Neil O'Callaghan

  3. Guys, come over any Saturday and Sunday and play with the guys there now. We have a lot of young kids but you never know who shows up. :-)

    Joe Sladky makes an appearance now and then.

    go to the Facebook group page: www.brooklynhockey.com

  4. Mike,

    We'll definitely be making an appearance in the Fall...so when you see a bunch of gray-haired guys show up, you'll know it's us.