Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunday May 2nd 9 am Avenue F

Sunday May 2nd 9 am Avenue F is old man hockey. Bring your old self, your enlarged prostate, your drooping man breasts. Yes, it's time for old time hockey!



  1. How about it guys? How many plan on showing up on Sunday?

  2. My brothers played and EVERY Saturday, we would all get up and go watch the Fran and Dan Flyers play. I have pictures and so many memories of what a great time we ALL, even the spectators, had. I live upstate now but I am hoping to get there. Stacey Fried-Dooley

  3. How I remember Ave F hockey. Checking eachother in the parked cars...those were great times.
    If not hockey, we were playing stickball with our pensy pinkys

    Joe (Joey) Zino

  4. Ron

    Post an update to let everyone know that we want everyone to show up for October 3rd hockey...this way they have plenty of time to plan excuses!