Thursday, September 17, 2009

Avenue F Reunion Game

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fred Allen Memorial Game (October 2005)

Here are some pictures to get you guys in the mood. And no you don't have to pop open that bottle of Viagra for this one. No, just your stick, skates, and some hockey gloves. Be there October 4th at 9 am for our first of many Old Timers games down at Avenue F. We plan to collect some money for Inky's family the first game.

Ron Lopez

Ron Lopez

From the 70's

Just a bunch of pictures from the 70's at good old Avenue F.

Ron Lopez

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 67 pct Blues

They came from a distant land, somewhere on the other side of Brooklyn. With names like Buell, Randazzo, Arnold, Cunningham, McMorrow and McNiel, they were probably more like us than we realized. Yet the 67th Pct. Blues were the "outsiders" when it came to Avenue F. And whenever we played them it was always guaranteed to be an event. Fights, breakaways, cursing, and of course their "fans" standing on the bench giving us a hard time.

Back in 2005 we had a reunion game at Avenue F, and many of the original Blues showed up. Afterwards there were drinks at the Gallery and talk about the old days. No, there were no fights or cursing, just talk about roller hockey and the game we all loved so much.

Hey, if any of you guys are out there, I'll be getting the court at Avenue F starting on Sunday October 4th form 9-12. We plan on having some pick-up games every other Sunday till late December. And I hope you boys can make it.

Thanks for the memories,
Ronnie Lopez

Back in the day at Avenue F

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Old Man Hockey Begins October 4th (9-12)

Now here's someone actually older than me!
My cousin Pete!

Old Man Hockey Begins October 4th (9-12)



Well, I'm not 17 anymore but at 51 can still stop a puck and skate you under the table. So show me what you got and be there Sunday October 4th and I'll kick your ass at "Showdown in the NHL"'. Yeah, whatever hair I have is grey as the concrete and I had my knee repaired already. But still I'll whoop you and stick my catch glove right in your face with that new Scotch 88 and show you who's boss.

Ok, well thats enough of my "Trash" talk, and where's my oxygen tank on that little hand-truck anyway?

Ron Lopez