Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday 10/30 9 am Avenue F.

Because I played to horrible last week I figure let's do it again because it couldn't be any worse for me. So once again I'm willing to look foolish for you guys as a punching bag. Sunday 9am Avenue F, because who's really gonna care 100 years from now.

Ronnie Lope

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Guys -

Remember - the annual hockey reunion is on for this Sunday, October 16th at 9 am. We don't have a lot of feedback from folks so I hope you all will make an effort to be there and capture a little past glory. If you skated at Ave F in the 70s (and even 1980) you are who we are talking to. Of course, we'll take any warm body, but this is really geared toward you old timers in your late 40s through 50s (and you know who you are).

No excuses! Be there!

Pete and Ronnie

Friday, September 23, 2011

Reunion on October16th

Alright boys...a year has gone by and we are still breathing (most of us). Today is the first day of that means hockey is in the air. We are looking to get as many of our old 70th Pct roller hockey league brothers who played back in the 70's at Avenue F, to show up at 9 AM on October 16th. We'd love for you all to lace on skates and look like fools for a little while, but if you'd rather not skate - or can't - come down to the court anyway...we'd love to catch up. And bring your sons/nephews/daughters/neices if you'd rather have them skate in your place.

We've been doing this a couple of times a year every year for the last few...and we have gotten everything from a big turnout (two years ago) to a measly turnout last year...don't forget how much fun you used to have playing at Ave F as a kid - you can still recapture some of that magic for one day.

Hope to see you all there - and pass the word if you are still in contact with other former players from back then - no hard competition, just a chance to catch up, have a bunch of laughs and reminisce with old friends - and play a little of the game we all love.

Pete and Ronnie