Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've heard from a few more guys but a bunch of you lame excuses for hockey players have yet to respond. Where are you Don & Mike Kenna, Mickey Pierce, Steve Placido, Robert DelGaudio, Glenn Gruder (I still love you Telly), Neil O'Callaghan, Jimmy Webster, Andrew Canepa, Jim Spinner and Jim Brier, Tom & Bob Brennan, Dennis and Jim Maloney, Siz, Gordon, Jimbo, Randy Reis, Mike Cartolano and on and on?

Updated attendance:
Ron Lopez - yes
Pete Liria - Yes
Larry Freid - plans to be there (and he passed the info on to a few others)
Pete Savino - as of now yes
Pete Competiello - Yes
Kevin Ryan - yes
Mike Biagione - Yes
Jerry Spinner - Yes and he'll bring 3 or 4 friends
Christian Barbariantz - Yes
Pat Desimone - willing to make the trip from Florida if enough guys commit
Nunzio Competiello - No for hockey, yes for afterparty
Iim & Bob Slezarchik - No for hockey, yes for afterparty
Paul McNally - No
Josh Seff - No (lives in Texas)
Charlie Gili - Unlikely (daughter has tournament)
Eddie O'Callaghan - No

LET ME KNOW ONE WAY OR ANOTHER IF YOU PLAN TO COME SKATE or just to hang out after....October 3 is only a couple of weeks away. email OR


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