Friday, October 1, 2010


Alright you pansies....time to WD-40 your Kryptos and sand off the splinters from your old Northland and head to Avenue F on Sunday at 9 -- and if you can't skate anymore, head to Ronnie's house (399 East 4th) around noon or so for our at least once a year reunion. Charlie Gili promised to make sure the court is unlocked for us, and wished us well (he won't be there).

Some guys have been added to the attendance and some dropped out but all in all we should have enough to skate two teams without collapsing.

As far as I know the following will skate:

Ron Lopez (G)
Pete Liria
Larry Freid
Pete Savino
Pete Competiello
Kevin Ryan (G)
Mike Biagione
Dennis Maloney
Jerry Spinner - and he'll bring 3 or 4 friends
Christian Barbariantz
Gordon Anthony
Artie Scalo

Tim & Bob Slezarchik - No for hockey, yes for afterparty
Mike Kenna - - No for hockey, maybe for afterparty

A few guys responded they cannot make it (Pat Desimone, Paul McNally, Glenn Gruder, Neil & Eddie O'Callaghan, Charlie Gili, Josh Seff and Mike Kenna) a TON of guys just never responded so it is anyone's guess who else may show. Don't be a wuss - show up, even if it is just to hang spread the word.

Pete Liria & Ron Lopez


  1. Wish I could be there. It was great last year!
    Hopefully someone will be rolling tape to post on YouTube.
    Be careful and have fun!

  2. My name is Tony Howell i played 1974-1978 i think i wish i would have known about the reunions i loved that rink. i think about those days all the time!!!