Friday, September 4, 2009

Old Man Hockey Begins October 4th (9-12)



Well, I'm not 17 anymore but at 51 can still stop a puck and skate you under the table. So show me what you got and be there Sunday October 4th and I'll kick your ass at "Showdown in the NHL"'. Yeah, whatever hair I have is grey as the concrete and I had my knee repaired already. But still I'll whoop you and stick my catch glove right in your face with that new Scotch 88 and show you who's boss.

Ok, well thats enough of my "Trash" talk, and where's my oxygen tank on that little hand-truck anyway?

Ron Lopez


  1. Ronnie,
    Any idea of how is in the picture with the two Rangers and the North Star?

    Kenny Whelan

  2. I think I'm the one in the foreground-
    Josh Seff

  3. Kenny - How are you? You and I went to Ford together and I played on the Rangers at Ave. F. The Ranger in the background is Vinny Ruggiero - formerly of East 2nd between Church & Albemarle, and now living in Monroe, NY (Orange County). Not sure who the Northstar is.

    Pete Liria

  4. Pete,
    Doing good. Living in Austin, Texas. Not much roller hockey down here. How are things with you? Those pictures brought back great memories.


  5. Kenny
    Ronnie and I just came across a treasure trove of old Avenue F pictures taken by one of the former junior coaches - Mark O'Callaghan. Too many to post here. I'll see if Ronnie can find you in some of them since he has them all...then we can e-mail them.

  6. Hey Kenny,

    I got you in some of these pictures, check them out!

    Ronnie Lopez

  7. I'll be at the Oct. 4th game!

  8. Wow talk about flash backs. These bring back memories. I have to show them to my father. Hope all is well.

    Jim Webster (Webby)

  9. Wow memories, I think all but one person would remember me.

    played for mike cartalano , on Penguins, against miguel coralla , Kevin Ryan , the moloney's , jim , dennis and greg, playing with drew Thomas , so sad to hear he passed , and your past story about shawn gorman climbing the chimmney and sitting on the top. I was there, and skating , i grew up between east 5th and church ave. and knew mike well.

  10. I knew Drew Thomas he was a class act, outstanding hockey player and a great kid! Just read William Ratka's post what happened to him he was a young guy.So sorry to hear this. Dusty

  11. I just got the info on Sunday the 4th game from Arti Scallo. My entire life was playing hockey at F then Fort Hamilton with the Lancers, ( R Grillo, Sach, Vinny Pet, A Scallo, J Deleo etc. ect. ) . I cant wait to skate they best court I have ever rolled on. Gordon Anthony Webster Ave between Ocean parkway and Seton Place.

  12. Hey guys! I was a defenseman on the 74-75 Kenna Cup Champion Flyers with Bob Lesser! It was my first season.....

    Just found out about this from Nancy & Neil Ocallahan, and look forward to trying to play in November.....

    It took me awhile to remember you Ron, but it did come to me. You were the big goalie for the "older guys" back then and one of the few who would talk to us "younger guys"!

    Read briefly about Inky and Drew and am sorry to hear.......

    Look forward to seeing you all soon. Coming in from Allentown, PA.............

    Andrew canepa