Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 67 pct Blues

They came from a distant land, somewhere on the other side of Brooklyn. With names like Buell, Randazzo, Arnold, Cunningham, McMorrow and McNiel, they were probably more like us than we realized. Yet the 67th Pct. Blues were the "outsiders" when it came to Avenue F. And whenever we played them it was always guaranteed to be an event. Fights, breakaways, cursing, and of course their "fans" standing on the bench giving us a hard time.

Back in 2005 we had a reunion game at Avenue F, and many of the original Blues showed up. Afterwards there were drinks at the Gallery and talk about the old days. No, there were no fights or cursing, just talk about roller hockey and the game we all loved so much.

Hey, if any of you guys are out there, I'll be getting the court at Avenue F starting on Sunday October 4th form 9-12. We plan on having some pick-up games every other Sunday till late December. And I hope you boys can make it.

Thanks for the memories,
Ronnie Lopez


  1. Nice photos it stirrs the heart, I looked forward to each and every game! Whenever we walked down McDonald Ave after getting off the bus we knew it would be a battle,great energy from the players to the coaches refs and the fans alike it was a fun time and over the years we would run into guys like McCourt,Jimbo and others in the Hamptons and would have a few beers its a long time ago now but It was a hell of alot of fun. And guys like Fred,Bill&Lou who gave thier time when they could have been sleeping well what can you say good men thats for sure! And I would be remiss If I didnt mention my own personal HERO Mr McNiel,Jimmy McNiels Dad. He was always there no matter what the weather was not matter what time the game was he made sure there was Gatoaide for all both orange and lemon lime my all time favorite. Plenty of sliced oranges and more extra parts for skates then Paragon. Need a wheel he had it a truck sure a wrench no problem he was the MAN! Well I guess I went on a bit but you know how that goes. Great sight I can see you put alot of work into it you should be proud. Sincerely Dusty #19 67 th Pct Blues aka T.Buell

  2. Dusty,

    Thanks for visiting the site, I have more roller hockey stuff on (Kensington Stories) I know you guys could relate to much of it.
    I was happy to hear that many of you guys still play, sometimes I think I'm the last man on earth shooting a puck around in the park with grey hair and a wooden stick. I also put the pads on sometimes too and stop a puck now and then. You know you guys were certainly the best back then, and kept me up more than once at night before a game.

    I'm going to look for more pictures and post them to both my blogs.
    Please email me directly at: and please send the link to the other guys.

    It would be great if some of you boys could make it to our over 45 pick-up games down at Avenue F starting Sunday October 4th from 9-12 in the morning.

    Just a chance for the guys to get together and have some fun.

    Thanks again and sent my regards to the rest of the guys.

    Ronnie Lopez
    North Stars goalie (1972-1976)

  3. Dusty -

    I'm Ronnie's cousin Pete Liria - #19 from the Rangers at Ave F from way back when. The games we played against you guys were always the hardest fought - both on a physical basis and from a hockey talent standpoint. We knew that when we played the Blues, there was absolutely no room for error because you guys would pounce on every chance and capitalize on it. I think that's why a lot of the games were so rough with so many was the only way we could compete and slow you guys down. I've continued to play hockey (ice hockey) most of my life since then - and I still play pick-up at West Point every week - but I never had another rivalry like we had with the Blues. In fact, the one year we actually beat you guys in the playoffs, we actually felt like we won the championship...of course we went on to actually LOSE the championship to Ronnie's Northstars, but we still felt like beating the Blues was a bigger feat. Hope some of you guys can show up again on a few of the dates Ron has set up at Ave F...


  4. Hey Fella's Thanks for the kind words,had some of the gang here on the 12th for a block party and showed them the sight.They loved it!I'm sure you will here from them soon,John & Robert Arnold #s 4 & 20 respectively Danny Chairantano #22 and my brother Kevin #1. It was fun looking at the photos together we had a few laughs.Found a picture on your sight that was taken at that old timers get together but im having a difficult time getting back to it need a little help maybe. Oh and by the way Pete thanks for opening up that old wound again I was almost healed! Hey guys good chating with keep up the good work Dusty

  5. From what I remember, the Blues always seemed a lot faster than the rest of the teams.

  6. Ronnie.... i believe i played with you for 1 year around '73. On the team was anderson..fromish..the mole..victor..bobby oldberg..lafonte (?)...i'm steve perry #11...the coach was mccourt.. i joined the military in 75 commencing a 20 year journet

  7. Sorry about the spelling..i'm doing this from a cell phone...i recall your fantastic saves and the hated blues...sorry to hear the place is being demolished..what a shame