Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday 10/30 9 am Avenue F.

Because I played to horrible last week I figure let's do it again because it couldn't be any worse for me. So once again I'm willing to look foolish for you guys as a punching bag. Sunday 9am Avenue F, because who's really gonna care 100 years from now.

Ronnie Lope


  1. Yo Ron

    Larry Fried was asking when we can have the next skate...any thoughts???

  2. Any chance to skate on April 1?

  3. Ron,
    Came across your blog. I knew Mike and Richie Kenna from 40 years ago... Same ones? They were like brothers to a misplaced kid from Minnesota. We played Hockey together with the NY Americans out of Coney Island. Please pass on my heart felt hello to them please! Bob Plaszcz