Monday, December 14, 2009

SUNDAY 12/20 9 am at Avenue F

Once again Patty D's in the house!!.
PLease let me know who's playing!



  1. Barring rain, snow or ice, I'm there baby...

  2. Count me in Ronnie
    Larry F.

  3. Guess we gotta play it by ear from now until the spring...even if it is sunny, this snow and ice may make it messy for awhile. Too bad we only had one really good day, and one mediocre day in almost 3 months!

    RON - Since you can check the court from time to time and see if it is playable over the coming months, maybe you can send an e-mail blast like on a Wednesday when the weather forecast is definitely clear for the weekend and the court is clear....that way we don't plan things three weeks in advance and get disappointed...

    And, anyone not already on Ron's email distribution list, send him your email address or post it here.