Thursday, October 29, 2009

HOCKEY CANCELED FOR 11/1 (Due to rain and marathon) New Date 11/15 9am

HOCKEY CANCELED FOR 11/1 (Due to rain and marathon) New Date 11/15 9am


  1. Ron:

    I believe I can identify a few of the players in the Avenue F Flyer photo (my old team).

    From Right to Left:

    1. Mike Biaggione (Spelling?)
    2. John Abel
    3. Darrel Summerville
    4. Can't Tell
    5. Can't Tell
    6. Can't Tell
    7. Dennis Maloney (Me)
    8, Can't Tell
    9. Bobby Napolitano

    Anybody else fill in the blanks?

    Dennis M.

    P.S. I am planning to play ( or try) on Nov 15..anybody recommend a decent cheap stick for my first time playing in about 15 years?

  2. DENNIS!

    Great to hear from you - hope all is well. I'll see you on the 15th...and you can't go wrong with a Koho - they are still around in wood at Modells and other chain stores (Wonderland still carries them too). I get sick now going into bigger hockey stores and seeing $200 sticks, that break easier than the wood ones - if we were kids now, I couldn't afford those graphite sticks.
    Pete Liria

  3. Dennis:
    Great to hear from you. I was not in the picture but certainly have strong memories about the rest of that team. Ronnie has some pretty cool shots of us and Neil O'Callahan and I had a few good laughs at the Inky Bemefit game. I look forward to seeing you on the 15th....
    Larry Fried

    P.S. How are the rest of the family??